Mountain Top Contours

Eight photographs from the Met's collection represent eight landmark sites in Yosemite National Park. Images are aligned with the map from west to east, and contour lines of the unique mountainous landscape are connected leading the eye across the collection.

Map from National Park Service

Nature in Comparison

Observe the Met collection painting on the left, and a modern day digital photo on the right comparing vantage points, color, and light.

Merced River

Albert Bierstadt
Merced River, Yosemite Valley
Oil on canvas

Photograph: Akira Murayama

Nevada Falls

Albert Bierstadt
Nevada Falls, Yosemite
Oil on canvas

Photograph: Tommy Lisbin

Yosemite Falls

William Keith
Yosemite Falls, from Glacier Point
Oil on canvas

Photograph: Juan Arreguin

Yosemite Valley

Thomas Hill
View of Yosemite Valley
Oil on canvas

Photograph: Pablo Fierro
Made By: Amanda Anderson-You